About Us

In honor of the legacy set forth by Dickie and Lauren's father, Dick Brennan Sr. in the 1970s, Dickie Brennan & Company was established to continue the rich history of New Orleans cuisine through locally-inspired and nationally-recognized cuisine. Dickie Brennan's restaurant group includes four restaurants located in New Orleans' picturesque French Quarter: Palace Cafe, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse, Bourbon House, and Tableau.

Dickie Brennan, Owner and Managing Partner of Dickie Brennan & Company, is a trained chef and third generation New Orleans restaurateur of the renowned Brennan family. Growing up under the tutelage of esteemed Chef Paul Prudhomme, Dickie helped New Orleans institution Commander’s Palace lead the American Regional Cuisine movement by introducing the world to Cajun and Creole cooking. Along with Managing Partners Steve Pettus and Lauren Brennan Brower, Dickie is dedicated to serving modern and inventive Creole cuisine which builds upon the fundamentals established by Dick Brennan Sr.

Dick Brennan Sr. has had an immense role in shaping the restaurant group Dickie Brennan & Company is today. As the owner of Commander’s Palace, he recognized the sheer bounty that New Orleans had in terms of ingredients and talent. Why put almonds on fish, when pecans grow in Louisiana? Why hire a French chef, when we have extraordinary talent in our backyard? These were questions Dick Brennan Sr. posed, thus setting in motion the philosophy behind Dickie Brennan’s family of restaurants. Today, you’ll see many references to Dick Brennan Sr.’s contributions throughout the menus – from the oysters and Cajun caviar at Bourbon House to the Strip Steak at Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse.

As an ambassador for New Orleans and its unique culture, Dickie, Steve and Lauren are avid supporters of local farmers and fisherman. Each of their restaurants accentuates Louisiana’s culinary history through the use of local ingredients and techniques. The entire team at Dickie Brennan & Company remains dedicated to delivering superior dining experiences through serving locally sourced, updated versions of classic New Orleans cuisine in their four French Quarter restaurants.