As a homegrown New Orleans company, our first commitment is to our community. Our primary objective is to improve the quality of life for the people in the Greater New Orleans area. We are passionate about supporting the local community by partnering with local businesses, farms, food purveyors and charitable foundations.

As a result of Dickie’s unwavering commitment to regional farmers and fishermen, many of Dickie Brennan & Company’s partners have a longstanding family history in the business. Local purveyors include Al and Sal Sunseri of P&J oysters, the nation’s oldest oyster distributor; Shannon Gonsoulin of Gonsoulin Farm, who has been raising cattle outside New Iberia, LA since the late 1700’s; and Sandy Whann of Leidenheimer Baking Company, a family that has been baking bread for New Orleans’ restaurants for over 100 years. Our sincere dedication to supporting local companies like Leidenheimer extends to our family of farmers and fishermen. These hardworking folks provide us with some of the best tasting ingredients available anywhere. It is their incredible products that make our cuisine so flavorful.

Through these efforts, we hope to see the city’s continued development, while maintaining its unique cultural heritage.